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 Andrea  L. Johnson creates one-of-a-kind mosaic and blown glass work. Inspired by the dynamic qualities of glass, dimension, and light, her work is a kaleidoscope of mixed media. She uses blown and stained glass tile,  shells, gems and beads,  assembled together to depict images and texture that reveal the extraordinary beauty of nature and God’s creations. “I want the viewer to be drawn to layers of color and reflections to show depth and relief. With minimal sanding, each piece finds its own unique space in the work,  like pieces in a puzzle,  as a metaphor for the natural order of things. “

Johnson has a special passion for 2-sided glass mosaics, using both sides of the glass to reflect slightly different images of color and shape when shown in the light. She perfected a technique to use a polymer compound in lieu of grout to finish each piece, accentuating the multi-dimensional relation between objects in the work,  while preserving the transparency of glass.


As an emeriti professor of law, her inspiration comes from her travels abroad to such places as Russia, Europe, Middle East, South America, and Cuba.  She has trained in glass blowing with  Master Giancarlo Sienoretto in Murano,  Italy.  “My work reflects central themes, such as the Wonders of Nature, Christian Praise, and Musical Expressions.  I like to contemporize  2-D objects with a 3-D perspective.  I  am particularly drawn to nature, movement and the wonders of life.”

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